Para Pemain G.I Joe: Rise Of The Cobra

22 Aug

Berikut beberapa tokoh utama di film G.I Joe: Rise Of The Cobra






1. James McCullen (Christopher Eccleston)

In the near future, weapons expert James McCullen (Christopher Eccleston) has created a nanotechnology-based weapon capable of destroying an entire city. His company M.A.R.S. sells four warheads to NATO, and NATO troops are tasked with delivering the warheads









2.Duke (Channing Tatum)











3. Ripcord (Marlon Wayans)










4. General Hawk (Dennis Quaid)













5. Breaker (Saïd Taghmaoui)












6. Baroness (Sienna Miller)











7. Storm Shadow (Byung-Hun Lee)










8.Snake Eyes (Ray Park)






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